Scout Information

Multiple documents are available for download.

Personal Health & Medical Records - The Troop is required to maintain current personal health and medical records for all individuals who participate in Troop activities. Individual responsibility is expected for the maintenance of personal health records to assist in overall Troop Health Status management. (i.e., Scouts are required to keep an original and current copy of their individual health forms.)

Honors Trip  - The Troop 380 Honors Trip was established to reward regular participation in troop activities and service to others. - ( Honors Trip Requirements )

 Troop 380 Scouting Links and Resources

Provided are links to the National BSA organization, Juniata Valley Council, and helpful scouting resources.

 Scout Camping Accounts

Troop 380 Scout Camping Accounts - The monies in these individualized accounts are earned by the scouts as they complete fundraising activities sponsored by the troop. Popcorn and hoagie sales are examples of such activities where the scout is able to earn funds for his own camping account.

Tracey Lazorcik , troop treasurer, keeps the records for these accounts and may be reached at with a request to withdraw funds from an account for camping programs and/or registration fees, equipment needs, etc. A copy of your email request (or the receipt of a written request for withdrawal) is kept for future reference, if needed. Scout account balances can also be provided at the above email address or phone number.